What Is Occupational Medicine and How It Can Help You

Every workplace has its hazards. And learning how to deal with those risks is not something every clinic can handle. We believe that knowledge is power, and knowing how you’ll handle workplace injuries keeps everyone safer.

At Live Urgent Care, our occupation health services are easy to access. Firstly, this article will explain what occupational medicine is. Secondly, we will discuss some common occupational health services. Last, we’ll show you how Live Urgent Care brings urgent care convenience to occupational health.

What is Occupational Medicine

Occupational medicine is the healthcare branch that focuses on work-related injuries and illnesses. This includes a wide range of preventative care and injury treatments.

Your first exposure with occupational medicine is likely a pre-employment screening. If your job requires drug screening or a physical exam, that all falls under occupational medicine. Also, any treatment for an injury sustained at work counts as an occupational health service.

In some cases, these services are provided at work. Some companies bring doctors to a job site or establish relationships with specific health clinics. Theses try to make healthcare simpler for a large employee group.

Preventive Occupational Medicine

For many demanding jobs, occupational health starts before an employee’s first day. These screenings can avoid injuries by catching potential red flags.

The most common occupational health service is a pre-employment physical. Many jobs require DOT or CDL physicals. These are exams may be harder to get because they must meet specific government requirements. Sometimes, a company brings a doctor to a job site to perform them. But in many cases, an employee has to find a clinic that provides this service.

Injury Care

Despite our best efforts, workplace accidents still occur. Getting quick treatment is best for long term health and worksite efficiency.

The most common injury care is x-ray services and wound care. These occupational health services treat acute injuries and help overall healing. While some may push toward a specialized clinic, most urgent cares can handle these services.

Other injury care focuses on long term treatment. Some injuries require working out the muscle or joint that was injured. Those are best handled by physical therapists who can learn the injury and create a long term plan.

Selecting an Occupational Health Clinic

Finding the right clinic can be tricky. Some employers work with specific clinics, which limits your options. Other clinics just do occupational medicine, but they typically have less availability.

At Live Urgent Care, we make occupational health accessible for everyone. Each of our urgent care clinics takes walk-in visits for any of these services. This makes it easier to get what you need done any day of the week.

Ready for your appointment? Find a location near you and book your appointment online to start experiencing fast, friendly service near you.

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