An urgent care doctor provides a skin care consultation

Can an Urgent Care Treat My Rashes and Acne?

Your skin is unique. That’s why so many skin care options are on the market today. But when you need fast skin treatment, where do you think to go?

While a dermatologist can treat the most skin care issues, many urgent care clinics can act as walk-in dermatology clinics. If you understand the main skin care concerns, you can learn when and how an urgent care clinic can help with your skin care needs.

Rash Treatment With Urgent Care

What is a rash

The term “rash” is used to describe any kind of breakout on your skin. Most rashes create some discoloration and cause some level of discomfort. Rashes have a number of causes, and knowing the cause of your rash can lead you toward the proper treatment.

Types of rashes

Heat rashes are caused by excessive heat in areas of the skin. They are most common in areas where skin is in contact with other skin like the armpits or groin area. Prolonged skin exposure to sweat creates an environment that allows heat rashes to begin and spread. While usually not harmful, heat rashes can cause discomfort and are easily treated.

Environmental factors can create a number of common rashes. Skin conditions like poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac all come from reactions to parts of nature. These rashes are quite itchy and give the skin a reddish color. These allergic reactions are generally not harmful, but they can be easily treated. Other rashes coming from allergic reactions are more serious and require more immediate care. 

Psoriasis and eczema are skin conditions caused by immune disorders. These skin conditions are not contagious but can cause irritating flare ups. These conditions are easy to diagnose as they are usually ongoing. Providers at an urgent care can also prescribe simple remedies that offer fast relief.

Treatment Options

For each skin condition listed above, a visit to a healthcare provider is a helpful step to take. At Live Urgent Care, our board-certified providers can help you get fast relief with a simple prescription. They can examine your skin, diagnose your condition, and help you get the right medication for you.

Acne Treatment With Urgent Care

What Is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when the pores on your skin become clogged. Acne typically presents in the form of either whiteheads or blackheads. While this is extremely common during puberty, acne is not uncommon at any stage of life.

For many patients, stubborn acne is very difficult to get rid of. Rather than trying an at-home combination of skin care products, meeting with a healthcare professional can be helpful. If you have persistent acne, we recommend meeting with a provider at Live Urgent Care for an acne consultation.

Treatment Options

There are a number of simple prescriptions that can provide relief from acne. At an acne consultation, a board-certified provider can evaluate your skin and guide you to the prescription that best meets your needs.

Get Urgent Care Skin Care

At Live Urgent Care, we focus on making skin care services accessible for everyone. Each of our urgent care clinics accepts walk-in visits for skin care treatment. This makes it easier to get the procedure you need done any day of the week.

Ready for your appointment? Find a location near you and book your appointment online to start experiencing fast, friendly service near you.

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