Covid Testing

Comfortable, reliable testing for both rapid antigen and RT-PCR testing.

A woman receives a covid test at an urgent care clinic.

Same Day Results On All Covid Tests

Your next covid test doesn’t have to include a long wait. Our rapid antigen and PCR tests come with guaranteed same day results. Learn more to select the test that is right for you.

RT-PCR Testing

  • No cost with most insurance
  • Most accurate test available
  • Same-day results guaranteed
  • Paperwork for travel included

Rapid Antigen Test

  • Free with most insurance
  • Results within 1 hour
  • Affordable self-pay option
  • Ideal for fast results

4-Plex Testing for Covid-19, Flu A&B, and RSV

4 Plex Testing

In addition to testing for covid-19, Live Urgent Care offers 4-plex testing. In one swab, we can test for covid-19, flu A&B, and RSV, allowing for fast results in under 2 hours. You and your family can now miss less work or school with faster results.

Our 4-Plex test applies RT-PCR technology to multiple tests at once, ensuring you get the most accurate results. This eliminates the need for retesting in the vast majority of situations.

Like each of our covid tests, 4-Plex testing comes at no cost with most insurance companies. Learn more about this helpful service by clicking the link below.

Accepted Insurance Companies

We work to make healthcare accessible for everyone. That’s why we work with most insurance companies in New Jersey. We work with each company below to give you the most affordable, accessible care.

No Insurance? No Problem.

Covid Page Accessible

At Live Urgent Care, we work to make healthcare accessible with or without insurance.

We offer self-pay options on our rapid antigen and RT-PCR tests for your convenience.

Each paid test comes with guaranteed same-day results. Walk in or book ahead at any clinic for fast, friendly service.

Self-Pay Covid Test Pricing

Office Visit

$ 135
  • Includes all rapid antigen testing
  • Perfect for detecting current infection
  • Digitally-sent results

Same Day RT-PCR

$ 200
  • Remarkably accurate results
  • All results given same day
  • Perfect for International Travel

FAQs About Covid Testing

  1. Rapid antigen results are sent out in 1 hour or less.
  2. Same Day RT-PCR results are sent out the same day of your test.

Yes, we accept all health insurance plans for rapid antigen testing.

Most likely! We work with most major insurance companies in New Jersey to help make care as accessible as possible. We recommend confirming with your insurance company and the receptionist before your test.

You will a receive an automated text message when your results are ready. Click on the link in that text and confirm your identity by inputting your phone number, date of birth, and name. There you will see a page with your results. 

If you need to print a copy of your results, you can log into with you phone number, date of birth, and name, and you will see an attached PDF. 

  1. Practice information (e.g., Address, phone, fax)
  2. CLIA ID Number and QR code
  3. Patient Name
  4. Patient Date of Birth
  5. Patient Gender
  6. Test Type (e.g., RT-PCR)
  7. Test Sample (e.g., Nasopharyngeal)
  8. Collection Date and Time
  9. Report Date and Time
  10. Provider information (Name, NPI, and signature). 

The RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 (reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction) test is the best available test. This specific test detects the genetic material of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).Our same-day RT-PCR costs $199.

Required tests are dependent on your destination and method of travel. We recommend you check with you airline and destination to determine which test is required! 

Yes, we perform covid tests on children six months and older.

Yes, all of our sites are certified by the state under Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments by the Center For Medicare and Medicaid Services. Certificates can be provided at patient requests. Our lab information can also be obtained online at