Labs + Blood Work

The best health information. No prescription needed. No long waits.

The Most Convenient Blood Work Available


Knowledge is power, and regular blood work provides you with the knowledge you need to take control of your health. At Live Urgent Care, we work to make lab testing and blood work as simple as possible.

Skip the prescriptions, long waits, and expensive testing options and get convenient walk-in service with Live Urgent Care. Each of our urgent care clinics can provide fast, friendly service for walk in and pre-booked appointments.

Get Blood Work & Lab Tests On Your Schedule

Our blood testing and lab work is built to fit around your schedule. Simply follow the 3 steps below to get fast, friendly service on your timeline.

1. Book An Appointment

Select the appointment time that works for you or simply walk in.

2. Visit
A Clinic

Head to any of our urgent care locations and check in for your visit.

3. View Results Online

Conveniently view your secure results online once they are ready.

FAQs About This Service

Yes, our urgent care clinics can provide blood work for walk in visits. Patients are welcome to book appointments online or walk in for this service.

No, you do not need to have a prescription to get blood work with us. We can do blood work as a standalone service or in addition to any of the physicals we offer.

Most likely! We work with most major insurance providers in New Jersey. Feel free to call beforehand to confirm what your insurance plan will cover.