Lab Services + Screenings

Fast, convenient testing on a walk-in basis. Get an accurate picture of your health any time you need it.

On-Site Testing Options

Each Live Urgent Care clinic acts as a testing lab for added convenience. Any lab test we offer can be done when you book ahead or during a walk-in visit. Learn more about the testing services we offer below.

Test Result Turnaround Time

In an effort to provide the most convenient care, we strive to get you accurate test results quickly. By putting this valuable health information into your hands sooner, you can begin the path towards healing faster.

  • 4-Plex RT-PCR test – 2 hours
  • Antigen Covid-19 test – 15 minutes
  • Antigen Influenza test – 15 minutes
  • Antigen Strep test – 15 minutes
  • RT-PCR Covid test – Same-day results
  • RT-PCR Influenza test – 2 hours
  • RT-PCR RSV test – 2 hours
  • RT-PCR Strep Test – 2 hours

1 Swab = 4 Tests

One quick nasal swab can now test for Covid-19, RSV, and Influenza A+B. Get more information with less discomfort.