Aches + Pains

Walk in treatment for chronic pain and injuries.

Don't Let Pain Slow You Down

Back Pain Secondary

Whether it’s a one time injury or a chronic condition, pain is a part of life. But with Live Urgent Care, you can deal with pain fast.

At Live Urgent Care, we work to treat aches and pains by dealing with causes and symptoms. Our board-certified providers can examine and treat injuries, back pain, and much more.

Let’s work on treating your pain together. Walk in or book ahead today.

Aches + Pains We Treat

Not all pain is the same. At Live Urgent Care, we work to provide the highest quality of pain care. Learn about the aches and pains we treat so you can get the exact service you need.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain includes any joint or muscle pain occurring for longer than 12 weeks. This kind of pain often require longer care, but it begins with a proper diagnosis.

Our board-certified providers can help you identify the root of your pain. We offer physical exams that will help identify where pain may originate and use cutting edge sonogram technology to diagnose problem areas.

Don’t let your pain linger. Visit any of our urgent care locations for fast relief.

Acute Injuries

Falls, trips, and sprains are all painful, but they can be easy to treat.

At Live Urgent Care, our team is ready to treat pain related to injury. We offer high-quality care to help you feel your best faster. Whether it’s a rolled ankle, and sprained finger, or a sore joint, our team is equipped to serve your needs.

Don’t hope your pain goes away. Get true pain relief at Live Urgent Care.

FAQs About Aches + Pains

Yes, our team is ready to help with your lower back pain. Simply walk in or book ahead today.

Examinations to determine the source of your pain are part of your office visit. If you were looking for a complete physical (pre-employment, work physical, etc.) that would come with an out of pocket cost.

Not at all! We offer walk in treatment at any of our urgent care clinics.

Depending on your insurance, you can receive treatment at no charge. You can call ahead to check how your specific insurance plan will interact with our services.