A Quick, Complete Guide For Your Next Sports Physical

With the school year quickly approaching, it is time to start getting ready for Fall. Back to school shopping is in full swing, summer vacations are wrapping up, and students are getting ready for Fall sports.

More than half of all high school students participate in sports, and part of preparing for Fall sports is getting an annual sports physical. But for many parents, they simply bring their child to a doctor without knowing what to expect during a sports physical.

At Live Urgent Care, we value patient education and empowerment. In this article, we outline the parts of a sports physical so you can know what to expect during that visit.

What Is A Sports Physical

Children play soccer after having received a helpful sports physical

A sports physical is a kind of exam that evaluates your readiness to play a sport. Before your child is allowed to participate, they will need to show a completed sports physical. Even as an adult, a sports physical is a wise idea before taking part in a sports season.

If you are getting a sports physical to take part in a certain league, check to see if that league has any specific requirements. Most sports leagues provide a specific form that needs to be filled out and will guide the physician through the exam.

What Happens During A Sports Physical

A child receives a sports physical from a board-certified provider

Discussion of Medical History

This portion of the exam is a conversation regarding family health history. Specifically, your provider will ask about any history of serious illness, any conditions that may hinder your ability to play sports, or any other noteworthy element of your medical history.

During this portion of the exam, bring up any allergies you have or any medications you currently take. This information will help your provider move forward with the exam.

Examination of Basic Systems

This is the segment of the exam where your provider will check your eyes, ears, heart, lungs, and other vital functions. Your provider will take measurements of your height, weight, and blood pressure. Each of these measurements will give a good picture of your overall health.

Your provider will also check the flexibility and mobility of certain muscles and joints to ensure you are capable of playing the sport in question. 

Additional Needed Tests

This portion may or may not occur in your examination. If your specific sport requires certain additional exams, be sure to bring that up to your provider. Be sure to look for any specific form your sports league requires for guidance on this part.

How To Prepare For A Physical

A father and son prepare to head out for an annual sports physical

Preparing for a sports physical starts with making your appointment. At Live Urgent Care, we offer sports physicals for pre-booked visits and for walk-in patients.

After you have made your appointment, gather any needed paperwork including identification, your insurance card, and forms that must be filled out for your sports league. Most clinics charge an additional fee for a sports physical, so be mindful of that before your visit.

Where Can I Get A Sports Physical

At Live Urgent Care, we offer sports physicals at any of our urgent care clinics. You can find the location nearest you and book your appointment today. With board-certified providers and fast, friendly service, Live Urgent Care is the perfect clinic to get you ready for the upcoming sports season.

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