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Getting The Most Out Of Your Telehealth Appointments

While telemedicine visits continue to grow in popularity, most patients have never used a telehealth service. Many are still confused about what goes into a telemedicine appointment.

In this article, we share some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your next telehealth appointment. Whether you are preparing for your first visit or your tenth, these simple steps are useful to maximize each visit.


Test Your Telehealth Video Setup

A woman tests her computer to prepare for a telehealth visit.

Your telehealth visit is as good as the technology you use. Nothing derails a telemedicine appointment quite like tech that won’t cooperate.

Before your appointment, make sure that your technology is ready to go. Test your phone or computer by making a video call. You want to make sure your internet connection can handle video streaming, your microphone is clear, and your speakers are easy to listen to. Even little tweaks you can make beforehand will create more time to speak with your provider.


Find The Right Space

When you visit a doctor’s office, the exam room is designed to eliminate distractions. Providers close the door to ensure a quiet, focused environment to give the best care possible.

In your home, you have control over your environment. Before your appointment, select the area of your home that allows you to focus most. You will not want to be in a loud, high traffic area during your appointment. Telehealth appointments communicate complex information, and even small distractions can leave you feeling confused after your visit.


Gather Any Relevant Medical Records

A man views a medical record to help prepare for a telehealth appointment.

One benefit of telemedicine is that visits are quicker than in-person visits. On the other hand, that means your preparation matters even more.

To prepare for your appointment, gather any medical records you think may be relevant. This is particularly important if your video visit is a follow up. Records from health write up or discharge paperwork can help a provider make the best decision. Remember, it is better to gather records you did not refer to than to have to search for a record mid-appointment.


Take Your Vital Signs

A man takes his vital signs in his living room to prepare for a telehealth appointment.

Even though you are not physically at a clinic, the goal of telemedicine is to replicate the in-person experience. This means you will need to handle some of the work yourself.

To assist your provider, take any vital signs you can before your appointment. Information like heart rate, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure are crucial to providing good care. There are a number of home methods you can use to collect vital signs, including purchasing some inexpensive, high-quality measuring devices.


Take Notes During Your Telehealth Visit

A woman takes notes during a telehealth appointment.

When you visit a clinic in person, a provider has the ability to hand you print outs and brochures. Those informational materials will likely not be available in a telehealth appointment.

To counteract this, make sure you are ready to take notes during an appointment. By quickly jotting down some of the information your provider shares, you are more likely to remember the steps you need to take next. Even if you have to ask the provider to repeat themselves, the notes you take can be an incredibly valuable tool.


Ask All Of Your Questions

The speed of telehealth visits means you have less time to think. Despite this, your provider will allow you to ask any question you may have.

Before you let your appointment end, take a moment and make sure you have asked all of your questions. You may feel awkward asking some questions, but your provider is there to help. You do not want to schedule another appointment just to ask the questions you should have asked the first time.

At Live Urgent Care, we offer telehealth appointments to meet your schedule. Our board-certified providers can help diagnose and treat skin conditions, UTIs, hair loss, and more. We can also conveniently help you refill a prescription. Learn more about our telehealth services or book an appointment online to start experiencing the benefits of telehealth. 

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