At Live Urgent Care, we strive to maintain effective communication channels with our valued employees. In our commitment to keeping you informed and engaged, we are introducing a new method of communication via text message. This policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for management to communicate with employees through text messages.


The purpose of this policy is to facilitate efficient and timely communication between management and employees, enhancing productivity, collaboration, and overall workplace satisfaction.


Voluntary Participation: Participation in this text communication system is voluntary. Employees have the option to opt out at any time by notifying HR.

Use for Work-Related Purposes: Text messages sent will be used exclusively for work-related communication, such as scheduling changes, company updates, emergency notifications, and other pertinent matters.

Respect for Privacy: Management will respect the privacy of employees and will not share personal information via text message.

Standard Messaging Rates: Employees understand that standard messaging rates may apply according to their mobile phone carrier’s plan.

Frequency of Messages: Management will strive to send only essential messages and will not inundate employees with excessive texts.

Hours of Communication: Unless urgent, text messages will be sent during regular business hours to respect employees’ personal time.

Confidentiality: Employees are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any information received via text message and should not share it with unauthorized individuals.