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How To Start Exercising Safely This Spring

The clocks have sprung forward and people are starting to spend more time outdoors again. Longer days and warmer weather make it easier to start going for walks, runs, and hikes. It’s only natural that many use Spring to start getting back into the habit of exercise.

But getting back into working out can be difficult. If you are not careful, beginning an exercise routine after prolonged inactivity can lead to injury. Beyond that, just fitting a workout into a busy day can be a challenge.

At Live Urgent Care, we focus on patient empowerment, educating our patients so they can take control of their own health. And few things can positively impact your health like a daily exercise routine.

In this article, we’ll discuss some important items to consider how to start exercising in the warmer spring months.

List Out The Benefits of Exercise

Most people view exercise as a chore that needs to be done. But getting your motivation right is key to sticking with a workout plan. 

Before you chart out how to start exercising, begin with listing the benefits you can gain through regular exercise. Consistent exercise reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and even certain cancers. A daily exercise routine can also help you maintain a healthy weight, promote stronger muscles and bones, and regulate your sleep.

In addition to these benefits, following a workout plan promotes increased mental health. Exercise as mild as walking can have profound effects on anxiety, depression, and stress.

Assess Your Current Fitness Level

Every journey starts somewhere, and you need to be honest about where your fitness journey begins. If you attempt to run a marathon the first time you go for a run, you will likely injure yourself and not stick with running. 

Begin by assessing your current level of fitness. Are you typically active, or do you have a desk job where you work from home? Have you kept a daily workout routine over the winter or are you starting over again? Each of those questions will help you assess where you should begin.

Develop Realistic Goals

A goal is a great motivation tool, but an unrealistic goal has the opposite effect. Think about what you want to achieve and try to write out some trackable, manageable steps towards that goal.

For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, you should aim to lose only one to two pounds per week. Another example might include weight lifting. If you want to bench press a certain weight, you should increase the amount you lift slowly and over time.

Writing out realistic goals will keep you motivated and will be much more helpful in showing you if you are on the right track.

Just Start Somewhere

Every great journey starts small. And your workout plans do not need to start grand.

Small amounts of exercise add up over time, and consistency is far healthier than one big day a month. However small it feels, starting and staying with a workout plan will yield far more benefit than you might imagine.

At Live Urgent Care, we can help you get started. Our urgent care centers provide physicals and wellness exams to make sure you are ready for exercise. We also treat sports injuries in case you go a little too hard too quickly. You can walk in or book your appointment online to get started on your fitness journey together.

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