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5 Ways To Boost Your Child’s Immunity For School

Every year, you work hard to make sure your child is prepared to go back to school. From buying new clothes to equipping them with the best school supplies, you know preparation leads to better outcomes.

But what about your child’s health? Illness spreads in schools quickly, and supporting your child’s immune system is an important part of preparing for a successful school year.

In this article, we outline 5 easy steps to provide immune support for kids.

Follow a Sleep Schedule

A child falls asleep in school because they did not follow a sleep schedule

Kids may sleep a lot during the summer, but that doesn’t make sleep unimportant during the school year. Sleep goes a long way in keeping the immune system able to fight off illness. Studies have repeatedly shown that lack of sleep can leave a person more prone to illness.

To keep your kids healthy, make sure they are getting enough sleep. It is also important to make sure that sleep is restful, so it is worth thinking about a few elements of their sleep schedule. Here are a few tips:

  • Use this chart as a guide for how much sleep otme your child needs
  • Follow a regular bedtime/wake schedule
  • Limit cell phone/screen time for 90 minutes leading up to bedtime
  • Keep your child’s room dark and cool
  • Lower the noise level throughout the house once the first child goes to sleep

Eat a Healthy Diet

Diet is the cornerstone to healthy living. And during the school year, it can be easy to choose convenience over health.

If time pressures make healthy eating difficult, try putting a few simple practices into effect. Start by replacing some snacks with fruits and vegetables. You can also replace baked goods with healthier alternatives like healthy nuts.

Consider a Multivitamin

While a healthy diet is crucial, some vitamins may get missed. A multivitamin fills those gaps to make sure your child is nourished and healthy. 

While some studies suggest a multivitamin is not necessary for a healthy child, it is a wise choice if you find your child is sick often. A multivitamin cannot replace a healthy diet, but it can be a very helpful supplement.

Increase Hand Washing

A child washes their hands using proper technique.

The school year coincides with colder weather. That colder environment allows for harmful germs and bacteria to grow, making it more important to stay on guard.

A simple way to keep your child safe is to increase the frequency of hand washing. Teach your child proper hand washing techniques and make sure they wash their hands in warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds.

Know Where To Get Care

Despite your best efforts, sickness is still likely to happen at some point. In those cases, it’s important to know where you’ll get your care.
At Live Urgent Care, sick visits are just a walk in away. Our urgent care centers are ready 7 days a week to help bring your child back to health. We also offer telehealth visits for children of all ages. Find the location nearest you and book ahead whenever your child needs care.

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