Benefits of a Pediatric Urgent Care

Your child begins to run a fever, but your pediatrician doesn’t have any appointments. Now you have an important choice. Where do you bring your child to get immediate care?

While many people learn towards an ER visit, a pediatric urgent care is often a better option. And Live Urgent Care treats both you and your child. With a wide array of services and walk-in availability, pediatric urgent care centers can provide efficient, quality care without the wait times of an ER.

In this article, we’ll outline the pediatric services an urgent care can provide, some of the benefits of a pediatric urgent care, and when you should visit an ER instead.

A young child receives care at an urgent care center

Pediatric Urgent Care Services

A pediatric urgent care provides a wide array of services. These services meet needs that are a step above your regular pediatrician and a step below an ER. Below is a list of services that Live Urgent Care can provide for children.

  • Coughs, colds, and flus
  • Sore throats, ear pain
  • Covid testing
  • Rashes/skin problems
  • Animal bites
  • Minor breaks and sprains
  • Minor sports injuries

Benefits of a Pediatric Urgent Care

A board-certified pediatrician treats a young girl.

Walk In Service

Getting an appointment with your pediatrician may take time. But urgent care clinics offer walk-in service.

At Live Urgent Care, we accept walk-in patients at each of our clinics. And you can book ahead of time to confirm your slot or simply walk in to get immediate care for you and your child.

Board-Certified Providers

The quality of care you can receive is a major decision factor. And at Live Urgent Care, quality care is our highest priority.

Each Live Urgent Care center is staffed by board-certified providers and uses evidence-based practices. We are constantly working to improve our care and make sure your child’s needs are met as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Care For The Whole Family

When you visit an urgent care, you and your child can be seen together. This can be extremely helpful when a sickness is going through multiple members of your household.

At Live Urgent Care, we often make family appointments to deal with multiple family members with the same symptoms. Our providers can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication for each member of your family within a single visit to save you time and money.

A family meets with a doctor.

When to Visit an ER

For all the benefits a pediatric urgent care provides, there are situations where an ER is the right place to go. Below is a list of symptoms and conditions that require a visit to an ER.

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Breathing problems
  • Deep cuts and wounds
  • Neck and spinal injuries
  • Potential poison ingestion
  • Severe allergic reactions

Book Your Live Urgent Care Appointment Now

If your child’s symptoms can be treated by an urgent care, Live Urgent Care has clinics across New Jersey. You can book an appointment online or walk in at any of our locations for fast, friendly service.

Learn more about how our urgent care centers can help or find our location nearest you.

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